Flying Solo

Virtual Event available November 21




The art of Solo performance has been with us for generations. Individuals have told stories in front of other members of their tribe or society for thousands of years. The Greek Monologist, strolling Minstrels of Medieval England, French Troubadours, and performing artists in vaudeville, cabaret, theatre, and dance celebrate the singular voice.
  FLYING SOLO features unforgettable solos from RDT's prestigious dance library including choreography by Ted Shawn, José Limón, Daniel Nagrin, Douglas Dunn, Molly Heller, Sharee Lane, Nicholas Cendese, Zvi Gotheiner and Remote, a premiere work by choreographer, Marina Harris who has mastered the art of “Zoom” technology to create poetic movement monologues for each RDT dancer from her home in Nova Scotia.

Heller’s pieces effectively utilized repetition and escalation on many levels. The solos were interspersed throughout the program, grounding what was otherwise successive and fast-paced. Each solo was set to the same Bach prelude (from Cello Suite No. 1). Each dancer occupied the same space while moving through graspable patterns of repetition into escalations of phrasing that then moved beyond our ability to track.

Nora Price / LoveDanceMore

Opera also engendered some truly elegant moments, as in Sharee Lane’s translation of the aria O Mio Babbino Caro from Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi. Perry’s solo elucidated the innocent appeal associated with the main character’s daughter, ending on a radiant note, precisely matching every line in one of opera’s most familiarly gorgeous arias.

Les Roka / The Utah Review

Photos by Sharon Kain

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