April 20-22, 2023




A choreographic response to the landscape gives us a fresh perspective and ways to see, understand and evaluate the world. If the earth does grow inhospitable toward human presence, it is primarily because we have lost our sense of courtesy toward the earth and its inhabitants, our sense of gratitude, our willingness to recognizer the sacred character of habitat, our capacity for the awesome, for the numinous quality of every earthly reality. (Thomas Berry)  


The Winged (1966) - by José Limón
Through movement that resembles the intricate patterns and rhythms of birds in flight, The Winged is about our collective dream that we can fly… a distillation of what it means to float, to flutter, to soar.  
I've Known Rivers (2005) - by Donald McKayle
Celebrated choreographer, Donald McKayle crafts a solo using the poetry of Langston Hughes …"I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of humanblood in human veins. My soul has grown deep like the rivers.” (The Negro Speaks of Rivers)  
Dancing the Bears Ears (2017) by Zvi Gotheiner
A work about sacred land animated with fragments of stories laced with the spirit of ancient inhabitants. A  ritual to raise consciousness about the significance of an extraordinary area…The Bears Ears National Monument.  
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